Align Technology is committed to enhancing Invisalign digital treatment solutions, tailoring them to the specific needs of teenagers for precise and personalized teeth straightening.


Your teen's journey to a better smile begins with a scan or impressions. Collaborating with Invisalign treatment experts, we craft a comprehensive digital treatment plan for their smile transformation.


We provide Invisalign clear aligners utilizing SmartTrack material. These aligners come with a wear-time indicator. Your teen wears them for 22 hours daily but can easily remove them, minimizing lifestyle disruptions.


Your teen's smile and life undergo gradual, expertly designed-enhancements throughout treatment. With the Invisalign Teen Guarantee, switching to wires and brackets is an option if your teen decides against Invisalign within the first six months.


Invisalign treatment offers a superior teeth-straightening experience compared to traditional braces, suitable for both simple and complex cases. It's covered by orthodontic insurance, with up to 50% shorter treatment times*. Invisalign eliminates bracket and wire discomfort, reducing unexpected orthodontist visits. Your teen can still enjoy their favorite foods and activities, and the removable trays make oral care effortless. In addition, Invisalign boosts self-esteem, making your teen twice as likely to experience increased confidence.