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 “In 2018, I was told by my dentist that I needed a nightguard to mitigate the damage done by grinding my teeth in my sleep. That is when I got in touch with Dr. Britton who constructed a nightguard that I still use every night to this day. It fits comfortably and feels like it’s not even there. He was professional and compassionate, explaining which type would be the most comfortable, and kept the procedure quick and painless. Highly recommend Dr. Britton for any of your orthodontic needs!” – Robert M.

“Huge thanks to Dr. Britton for providing impeccable service and care. While I’d been thinking about Invisalign® for a while, I was apprehensive of the disruption it might cause my normal routine. Having had Invisalign himself, he provided honest insight as to what the process would entail. He’s continuously made himself available to address any of my questions and concerns. He did an exceptional job bonding my attachments (None of my friends/family have been able to notice them!) I’m only about a third of the way through my treatment plan but have already seen noticeable shifts and can’t wait for the final results!” – Henna S.